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We are convinced: Mathematics can be fun!

MatheArena pursues the goal of bringing mathematical knowledge closer to students with the help of a smartphone or tablet. In this way, knowledge can be taught in small bites and mathematics can be brought closer to the students. To achieve this goal, we have been working for several years in a team of mathematics professors, initially accompanied by an IT specialist, to create a learning tool that also reaches students who have difficulty with abstract mathematics on paper. For this purpose, we have created an app that uses the multiple-choice format – in an entertaining way – to test the knowledge of the learners and expand it in a playful way.

Mathe-Professor und Mathearena-Gründer Gerald nützt Mathearena auch zur Festigung des Stoffs im Nachhilfeunterricht
Mathearena: Mathe lernen - einfach und spielerisch unterwegs, zu Hause oder im Unterricht
The goal of the app is to offer students a flexible and mobile way of learning. The mathematical questions are designed in such a way that they can be solved without the use of a calculator or pen and paper. Therefore, an attractive possibility should be created to facilitate waiting times at the bus stop or long stays in the train for the acquisition of knowledge on the one hand, and on the other hand to support e-learning in a versatile way as a supplement to lessons and tutoring.