The Features In Detail

My Profile

How many points do I have in total? In which chapters am I a champion, where do I still need to train my weaknesses? See how much I learned today!

  • Total Points

If you answer a question correctly, you get points. The total points are displayed here across categories.

  • Current Topic

Here you get an overview of the current topic. With the help of a traffic light system the learning progress is shown.

  • History
The most recently completed learning units are listed in the history. So you can easily check when you have practiced which topic and how successfully.
So sieht dein Profil in der Mathearena-App aus

The Traffic Light System

Ampelsystem gibt klares Feedback, wie gut man welche Mathe-Themen bereits beherrscht

Traffic light system gives clear feedback how well you already have mastered which math topics

The color indicates which questions you have never, 1-2x or 3x answered correctly. This gives you an overview of your learning progress in each chapter.

  • Perfected

You have answered these questions correctly several times.

  • Practiced

You have already answered these questions correctly once.

  • Unpracticed

These questions have not yet been properly answered.


The Questions

In each of the 20 categories, questions are available in the difficulty levels “Easy”, “Medium” and “Difficult”. You always start with the easy ones and automatically increase when you have answered them correctly. In this way, the app responds to the individual’s ability.

There are single-choice questions, where only one answer is correct – as well as multiple-choice questions, where several answers are correct. The distinction can also be seen visually: While multiple-choice questions have rectangular answer boxes to check off, the first questions do not.

Beispiel einer Multiple-Choice-Frage in der MatheArena-App

Special Features

Auszeichnung bei 10 richtig beantworteten Fragen

Award for 10 correctly answered questions

Award for 10 correctly answered questions

Playful elements for the most important basic knowledge act to improve motivation. Learning progress is scientifically verified.

  • Explanation

For a better understanding there is a detailed explanation for each question.

  • Feedback

With the help of the feedback functions there is the possibility to get direct feedback from a mathematics expert.

  • Playful Learning

The points and rewards system increases motivation while playing. In addition, mini-games provide variety and loosen up the learning content.

  • Content
The content of the app is constantly being improved and expanded. Your feedback helps us to adapt it to your needs.


  • Draw Functions

Draw the given function in the coordinate system with your finger.

  • Fraction

Mark the given fraction as a proportion in the pie chart.

  • Check

Check if a mathematical statement is correct and mark  it as true or false.


Spiele Minigames und fordere dein Können immer wieder heraus!

MatheArena Is Focused On The Individual Learner.

MatheArena tries to reduce fears towards mathematics by the approach of knowledge expansion instead of knowledge verification. The quiz-like format increases motivation and encourages learners to set themselves new challenges. The mobile way of learning also promotes flexible and independent learning..

Aspects Of Learning Psychology

As a scientific study proves, aspects such as adaptive difficulty, intuitive learning through technical solutions and consistent learning support play a significant role in MatheArena. These aspects of learning psychology were included in the planning, design and implementation of the app from the very beginning and therefore form the basis for the learning content and tasks of the MatheArena.

Supplement To The Classroom

MatheArena is intended to act as a supplement to lessons, not as a replacement. With its hermonic interplay of well-prepared mathematics content and the latest findings from motivation research and learning psychology, the MatheArena app succeeds in the unique fusion of knowledge building and gamification. Due to the division of the chapters and the diverse tasks, MatheArena can be used as a break-up or also to deepen the content of the lesson.